Monday, January 5, 2009

Mme. Monique's Cretons du Québec

From my friend Monique ~ this is her recipe for a lighter version.

Mme. Monique's Cretons du Québec

Monique tells us:

"These are sooo light and easy compared to the high fat ones..:)
And they are served as an a pate.With crackers..or a fresh baguette..And a side of your favorite imported or home made mustard.

All done in the microwave!"

1 lb of lean ground pork
1 medium onion chopped
12 soda crackers.. coarsely crushed.
2 garlic cloves minced
1 cup of milk
Salt and pepper
Pinch of ground cinnamon*
Pinch of ground cloves*
I always put more cinnamon.

"Use a microwave safe dish with lid.

Combine all ings. and microwave covered for 15 min..stirring after every 5 mins.
Pack in pretty jars or molds.

Can keep 2 days in refrigerator like this safely.

You can also whirl in the I did this time..for a more uniform consistency."

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